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APLAC Guidelines

Be Familiar with Approved APLAC Guidelines! This is especially important if you have agreed to follow them in your APLAC Protocol.  Here is a partial list and a link to access all of the APLAC Guidelines:

Typical Questions asked during an national AAALAC inspection:

Below, you will find some commonly asked questions from AAALAC site visitors. 

  1. Are you familiar with your APLAC protocol?  Can you produce a current copy (printed or online) upon request?
  1. Do you know how to contact the Veterinary Service Center or Vet on call, or how to report an animal welfare concern? - Post the attached signs!
  1. Who are the emergency contacts within your lab? – Especially important for PI-managed areas!
  1. Are animal use areas clean, free of clutter, and easily sanitized? -Move cardboard boxes up off the floor!
  1. Are animals prepped in a separate and distinct area from where surgery is performed?  Are you removing the hair/fur, and aseptically scrubbing the incision site?
  1. Does the surgeon wear gloves and a mask?  Are instruments sterilized before use, and how (steam, gas, hot bead, chemical sterilant)?
  1. Are surgical logs that document anesthetic dose, depth of anesthesia, vital signs, analgesics given, etc. kept for each animal?  Are your controlled substance logs up to date?
  1. Have fume/biosafety hoods and anesthetic vaporizers been certified in the last year?  Are any drugs or chemicals for use in or on animals expired? - If so, dispose of promptly & properly!
  1. Are waste anesthetic gases being properly scavenged (active via building exhaust, or passive via charcoal canisters)?  If you have concerns, contact EH&S for a workplace evaluation.
  1. Do you know about Lab Animal Allergies and how to protect yourself and your co-workers from developing allergies to animals?