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ASBS Summary


– what these changes mean for Hopkins students, faculty, and staff

Because Hopkins sits astride a Marine Protected Area, one legally designated by the State of California as an “Area of Special Biological Significance” (ASBS), our impact on coastal water quality is under increased State scrutiny.  The same applies to all cities and institutions, like the Aquarium, that potentially impact coastal water quality. New monitoring and state-level surveillance is in effect, and this means some changes in local practices here at Hopkins. More importantly, it is a good opportunity to emphasize the need for our continued excellent stewardship of the Bay.

The full document spells this out in more detail, but the main points of change are:

Runoff from boat and equipment washing will be captured and not allowed to enter the Bay

Fueling of boats must be done with greater care about spillage

Engines leaking fuel or oil – car, boat, etc – must not be brought onto campus but be repaired or parked elsewhere.

Other aspects of the report highlight broader Hopkins practices that we already engage in, but are good to re-emphasize in conjunction with evolving ASBS regulations:

Non native species can only be held in our sea water system with great care and strict treatment of seawater to prevent their release into the ASBS

Trash and dog feces should be picked up immediately

No fertilizers or insecticides should be used on the grounds

Toxic or hazardous chemicals must be strictly accounted for and disposed of according to University policies

Last, the report emphasizes some lifestyle changes that coastal communities around the country have suggested can reduce impact

walk or bike to work when possible

replace copper brake pads in vehicles with ceramic ones to reduce copper contamination

Hopkins is in a long process to up the level of compliance with coastal use ‘best’ practices, and there are many other changes and responsibilities that will be handled by the staff. As always we owe the staff our thanks for maintaining attention to these facets of life on the coast – the cost of our fabulous waterfront position and access to the marine environments of the Bay.

   Latestbulletin.pdf from the City of Pacific Grove about how we can all help the bay. [December 2016]
   Monterey County monterey-bmp.pdf for construction [2017]