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Basic Office Worksheet

Required of all office only people BEFORE work begins. Must Pass & Submit to get keys.

NOTE: This worksheet does not replace courses offered by EH&S on Stanford main campus. It is designed to be an introduction to the safety web site and safety issues at Hopkins Marine Station for office people only. This worksheet is NOT a replacement for those working in a lab/shop/field environment. If you intend to work in a lab/shop/field, then you need to do Basic Lab/Field/Office Safety. If you need to do additional safety courses then you really should should do Basic Lab/Field/Office Safety instead of this worksheet.

All of the Hopkins buildings have hazardous materials in them. Most have labs or classrooms with labs. Even if you work only in an office, you need to be somewhat aware of what is going on around you. To that end, not all of the questions below may seem relevant to an 'office' worker, but this knowledge could save your life or prevent injury.

if you later decide to do lab or field work, then you will need to do the Basic Lab/Field/Office Safety as well.

Pay particular attention to the page on ergonomics and seriously consider having your workspace assessed for ergonomics (your fit into the space you are working).

Questions below all relate to things that have happened here. Let's begin:


Name : (both first and last name please)
Work area:
Email: (Stanford is preferred if you have one)
While at Hopkins Marine Station I will be: paid/enrolled by/at Stanford as a: faculty staff/tech postdoc grad ugrad temp <20hrs/wk
not paid/enrolled by/at Stanford as a: intern and/or student helper visitor from another institution
My number one safety concern coming into Hopkins is?
Score must be 100% before Submit button becomes active. Pressing the Score button will show which ones are right/wrong.

Every fifth time the Score button is pressed the worksheet will reset (if less than 100%) to cut down on guessing.

Answers may be found on the [safety page] indicated at the end of each question. Pay attention: Knowing this material may save lives.

1) What agencies may help Hopkins to remain a safe working place?
Monterey County Health Department
Local Fire Department
Stanford EH&S
All of the above
2) Who is the emergency coordinator? [home page]
my professor
my TA
any grad student
any Professor
3) Which of these have happened at Hopkins? [emergencies-emergency response]
Personal Injuries
Fires, spills & gas leaks
All of the above
4) Is it all right for me to put up shelves in my office/lab? [hazards-construction]
with my professors approval
just forget it, not possible
see Judy first
5) The Life Safety Box does not indicate any hazards for the room I want to work in. Does this mean there are no hazards in the room? [protection-life safety boxes]
I am not a fire fighter, so I don't care what the Life Safety Box says
it’s not safe in any room
the Life Safety Box says it’s safe, so no hazards
caution is always advised
6) Even offices may contain hazardous materials, What hazards does alcohol have? [HAZ, <-click this link, enter alcohol in the 'search for' box and keep clicking 'start with' until you come to ALCOHOL, REAGENT]
flammable and slight poison
oh I never knew it was so bad, I will never use alcohol again!
flammable, poison, suspect cancer, irritant, liver and kidney toxin
7) Extension cords are necessary for temporary work, but is it safe for me to leave one up for several days if I tie it to a shelf to insure it is not a trip hazard?
only if approved by my professor
only if the circuit has a GFI
8) What are the most likely hazards from earthquakes in Pacific Grove? [hazards-earthquakes]
the building is going to fall on me!
nothing much ever happens here.
chemicals combining, if not stored properly.
chemicals combining plus gas cylinder rupturing
chemicals, gas cylinders, and a heavy object falling on my head
chemicals, gas cylinders, heavy object on head and fire
9) Who knows when it is safe to go back into a building after an evacuation?
The fire department and/or Judy
Only the fire department can give the all clear
Only my Professor knows our lab/office well enough
10) Can I hurt myself even when lifting small objects or doing repetitive tasks? [hazards-lifting]
only if over fifty or really out of shape
maybe, if I do it fast enough and long enough
no way
11) Ground fault interrupters are on all the outlets in the Aquaria and the newly renovated restrooms therefore it is safe to use any extension cord in these areas. [hazards-electrical]
That’s what GFIs are for
Only with approval from my professor
Only if the extension cord is in good condition, not immersed in water, and not a trip hazard
12) When I see someone wearing a single glove between buildings, this tells me [protection-gloves]
that they care about me and don't like exposing me to hazardous materials
that they are cheap and trying to save lab funds
that they are a Michael Jackson fan
13) When do I have to get this worksheet done by? [top of this page]
when I feel like it
only if Judy finds out
only when my professor tells me I have to
before work begins
only if I need a key
never, if I am only doing office work
14) Who is ultimately responsible for my safety at Hopkins? [safety home page]
tiered responsibilities beginning with ME
my professor
EH&S from main campus
15) Since I am only going to work in an office there are very few hazards I need to worry about.
[hazards-office] (Check all that apply)
open drawers
proper fit to my computer
extention cords with space heaters
chemicals in the next room
16) I am only sitting at a computer all day. How much trouble could I get into?
[hazards-ergonomics] (Check all that apply)
monitor at the wrong height
mouse too far away
chair at wrong height in relation to keyboard & feet
trying to meet a deadline and not taking breaks every 30 minutes
glare from window on monitor screen
17) I understand the changes that I will have to make in my own behavior working near an ASBS?
Yes No
18) Enter the "secret" code from the Hazard Sign Game
19) Stanford has had to tighten up on internet security because: [protection info tech]
hackers are constantly trying to get in our devices for mischief/harm
criminals steal identities and financial information
foreign governments are after our research data
there can be a huge cost for liability and lost time
Comments: What did you have trouble with (give question #s please)?

It is recommended that you fill out this PDF form about personal emergency contact information and give it to Judy so she has someone to call in case something happens to you. Thanks.