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see also Emergency Kits

safety logoSecure heavy equipment on any shelf/bench/desk or lower to floor.
Store chemicals properly and use earthquake lips.
Make sure pathways are always clear.


Pacific Grove is on three thousand feet of granite, unlikely that buildings will fall, but that is not the only hazard of EQs.

EARTHQUAKES HAPPEN. Take the necessary steps NOW!

To help prevent problems from earthquakes:

  • Double chain gas cylinders to walls or counters [at 1/3 and 2/3 height]. For cylinders < 2 feet in length, as a temporary measure, they can be stored lying down with wedges to stop tank from rolling.

  • Remove heavy equipment from the top shelf, or secure with heavy cord or chain.

  • Put up earthquake lips on chemical shelves. A good way to do this is with 1/8 inch plexiglass about 2-3 inches high. Can prevent them from crashing and combining into something far worse.

  • Do secure any cabinet or device greater than 4 feet in height.

  • Do stop refrigerators and freezers from opening and spilling contents by using an earthquake closing device. 

  • Do make sure the path is clear BEFORE the earthquake happens. > 36" open path down the center of your lab and >48" in building hallways. [evacuation]

  • Fires can happen: chemicals combining, gas lines rupturing and then igniting, papers and other combustibles falling on a heat source, non-secure solvents spilling and then igniting.