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safety logoA frayed cord is death near water. Can also cause a fire.
Extension cords without circuit breakers are for temp use.
Keep cords out of pathways & not attached/wrapped to anything.


Bad Electrical Cords:

      bad electrical cord

IF wires are showing or there is electrical tape ANYWHERE on the cord then
it is a bad cord and needs to be replaced NOW! DO NOT WAIT!
See John Lee, x56231  for assistance. We do it all the time and are ready to do so.

GFIs [ground fault interrupters] can not prevent your death if you use a cord like the above near seawater.

Extension Cords:

Without a CIRCUIT BREAKER = temporary, less then 24 hour use.

With a CIRCUIT BREAKER = more permanent. [good for desks, computers, etc.]

No extension cord may cross an access path, in or out of a room.
No extension cord may be attached to another extension cord of ANY kind at any time.

fried power strip

An example of what happens when you daisy chain powerstrips

Extension cords with circuit breakers may be attached to desks or supports, IF the wire is not compressed in any manner. Using loose wire attachment loops or just attaching the powerstrip itself works well for this purpose. All other extension cords may not be attached in any manner for any length of time.

No extension cord may be wrapped around, tie wrapped, secured against, any beam, pipe or support for any length of time.

If you need more outlets in your lab/area, please see Judy.
By law, a licensed electrician must do this work (that means NOT you).

chairs blocking an electrical panel

36 inch clearance required for all electrical panels.

This may save your life!