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safety logoIt's happened here.
Learn what to do when it does.
Are you prepared?


EMERGENCY: DIAL 9-911 from most station landline phones.

active threat - be prepared ahead of time
AED & 1st AID - get trained!
emergency response - know BEFORE
evacuation - the way out?
spills - it happens
chem hazards - look up BEFORE you use (see also Chemtraker database)
CDC - diseases
Toxnet - poisons!
household hazards - yes, even here
life safety boxes - haz in lab/area
phone #s - local #s (HMS only)
sexual assault - who to call


Non emergencies:

police 647-7900     fire 648-3110     health 647-7650      f&w 649-2817      pg&e 800-743-5000