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Eyewashes & Safety Showers

safety logo15 minutes.
Don't worry about the water.
Keep eyewashes and showers clear of clutter.


eyewash & safety showerEYEWASH - something in your eye, wash for 15 minutes. Remember not all solvents are water soluble and it may take some time to wash the material out thoroughly.

SAFETY SHOWER - Remove clothing & wash for 15 minutes. Phenol in particular acts as an anesthetic and you can't tell it's burning through your flesh. [This has happened at HMS, NOT pretty]

Eyewashes and safety showers are checked at regular intervals, however, it is best to let them flush for a few seconds before using, as rust can build up in pipes.


Do not store boxes, trash cans, water bottle, mops, etc. near by.
Anything that blocks access is illegal, immoral and stupid.