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Hazard Codes for Life Safety Boxes

safety logoKnow the hazards of the material you are working with and around you.
Effects can be cummulative, chronic or accute.
Store materials and waste safely.


1 compressed gas
2 severe poison
3 moderate poison
4 water reactive
5 oxidizer
6 flammable
7 corrosive
8 radioactive (Level A)(none at station)
9 biohazard (Level 2 or up)(none at station)
10 other hazards
11 non-hazardous

Other Hazards:
12 slight poison
13 self igniting
14 cancer
15 suspect cancer
16 combustible
17 bromine, chlorine, or fluorine compounds
19 acid
20 base
21 inert gas
22 explosive
23 unstable with age
24 high voltage(>500V)
25 laser
26 piping of hazardous mat.
27 organic peroxide
28 skin irritant
29 makes you cry, gag
30 non-flammable gas
31 stinks
32 allergic reaction
33 liver poison
34 kidney poison
35 nerve poison
36 blood poison
37 irritating if inhaled
38 eye irritant
39 mucous membrane damage
40 water reactive corrosive
41 skin absorbable poison
42 detonation hazard in fire
43 requires refrigeration

51 EPA priority pollutant
52 AB 1803 well monitoring
53 SARA section 313
54 MCL list of contaminants
55 AB 2588 toxic hot spot AII
56 AB 2588 toxic hot spot AI
57 DHS drinking water action
58 AB 1807 toxic air contaminants
59 NESHAP specific chemicals
60 DOT inhalation standard
61 Extremely hazardous waste
62 Acutely hazardous material
63 Cal-OSHA reportable cancer
64 Cal-OSHA med. monitoring cancer
65 Prop. 65 carcinogen
66 Prop. 65 reproductive toxins
67 Toxic Gas ordinance Class III
68 Toxic Gas ordinance Class II
69 Toxic Gas ordinance Class

A compatible organic bases, flammables, and poisons
B pyrophoric and water reactive materials
C compatible inorganic bases, oxidizers and poisons
D compatible organic acids, flammables, and poisons
E compatible oxidizers, organic peroxides and acids
F inorganic acids not including oxidizing or organic acids
G non reactive materials (does not mean non-haz)
H flammable and pyrophoric compressed gases
I compatible corrosive, oxidizing and inert gases
J poison compressed gases
K explosive or other unstable material
L Solvents, flammables and combustibles
X Needs secondary containment from all groups