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Safe working conditions improve research results.
Always cooperate with inspectors.
California is different, but most rules are nation wide.


California may seem VERY different than any other place on the planet, but in reality most regulations are nation wide, just not everyone is doing them.

California is very rigorous about safety, animals, waste, etc. Judy did not made up these rules, but she is assigned to enforce them.

YOU ARE NOT BEING PICKED ON. Lashing out or going behind people's backs only makes life more difficult for everyone.

Why all the rules?

The vast majority of the rules happened because someone or some organization/corporation decided to cut corners and someone got hurt. The reasons are legion: money, time, laziness, even vindictiveness. Doesn't matter. Cutting corners hurts people and adds to the safety regulations.

The goals of research and safety need not be in conflict.

Ask your supervisor about the inspection program for your specific work area. Inspection frequency is based on the degree of hazards in the work area. Both Shops and Labs are inspected at least quarterly. Report identified hazards to your supervisor. [Or to Judy]

Other agencies may inspect at any time. Please cooperate with any inspector. They are here to help us. Stanford University, the Monterey County Health Department and the Pacfic Grove Fire Department come regularly, but we may also be visited by OSHA or the EPA without notice. [There are a host of other agencies that show up as well, like insurance adjusters, air and water pollution control, fume hoods, etc.]

See also Injury Illness and Protection program.