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All chemical containers must be labeled with full names of ingredients.
Add hazards and date prepared or received.
Start date on waste label is when the first drop goes in.


Info, info, info on the label, label, label

Chris will print a sheet of sticky labels for your commonly used solutions

ALL chemical containers MUST be labeled with:
Full Chemical Name * Hazards * Date Created or Received * Who [created this bottle of material, can be the lab]

deionized water non-haz
Failure to label a bottle is an automatic fine by any inspector.
Even water bottles.

Here are some sticker files ready to use in PDF format:

Avery 5267 [80 per sheet]:


Avery 5160 [30 per sheet]:


Avery 5163 [10 per sheet]:


Avery 5663 [10 per sheet, clear plastic, good for squeeze bottles]:



ALL waste must have this waste sticker attached and filled out at the time of FIRST addition (except WAA Date which EH&S adds when you give them the container).

Available on Rm 26 Loeb door.
Note: waste labels need the physical state that is not needed on other chemical bottles because a lot of waste containers are opaque and you can't see the physical state.


waste label