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Pets at Hopkins

safety logoWe have LOTS of wildlife. DO NOT FEED!
Pets are not encouraged at Hopkins.
People are watching.


We have birds of every description, raccoons, deer, seals, otters and a cat. The cat is to be considered wild. Fixed, but no "human" manners.

Personal Pets

Pets are not encouraged at Hopkins. Undergrads - NO PETS.
Everyone else a few rules:

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times and cannot be in any of the labs. Dogs are not allowed to play on the beaches as they disturb the seals and other protected wildlife. [$500 fine if caught]

  • Do not bring your cat, too many dogs. Problems will be numerous.

  • Fish, hamster, mice, etc. ARE allowed IF and ONLY IF they are NEVER USED IN RESEARCH! And remain in their tanks/cages and the tank/cage is not in the lab. Put them in your office or conference area.