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Lab, field, and office work can be safe.
Tools and materials available to help.
Aware of your surroundings?


add training - always more to learn
autoclave - authorized users only
chemical inventory - accuracy and useful
eyewashes - could save your sight
fumehoods - only for immediate use
gloves - use them, use the right one
information technology - computers are at risk
injury prevention - better safe than sorry
inspections - fix it before it hurts
kitchen - water, autoclave, dishwashing
life safety bxs - fast survey of hazards in bld
labels - everyone needs to know what it is
N.E.S.S. - your health affects your safety
personal protection - glove, aprons, goggles
refrigerators - no food & food only
risk assessment tool - helps see risks/prepare for in your work area
shipping hazmat - must be done right
sinks - only non-haz down sink
videos - easy way to safety info