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Emergency Response


Judy Thompson, x56249 hm: 375-4830

More local phone numbers and Stanford specific threats information

Don't forget that there is a Emergency Card next to every phone at Hopkins.


EMERGENCY CHECKLIST: general procedure to follow in a life-threatening emergency:

  1. person runningAttend to the injured if it is safe for you to do so

  2. Evacuate the scene and alert others

  3. Fire alarm or call 9-911

  4. Close doors and evacuate building

  5. Assist the emergency personnel

flameIn case of FIRE:

  1. Call fire department/911

  2. If you can, fight the fire.

  3. This gives the fire department those precious extra minutes to respond.
    [use your best judgement]


  • fire extinguisherIf safe to do so, put out the fire or prevent the spill from spreading, etc..

  • Call an emergency coordinator, Judy, x249.

  • Protect the scene to prevent further exposure.

  • Don’t be afraid to report an incidence.

  • All of us can learn from any mistakes and problems.
    AND even from what went right.

#1 RULE:



  • EARTHQUAKES - evacuate, 911 if damage/injury, Emergency Coordinator

  • FIRES - sound alarm, evacuate, 911, Emergency Coordinator

  • DRAINS & WATERWAYS - Emergency Coordinator, 911

  • NATURAL GAS LEAKS - evacuate, Emergency Coordinator, PG&E

  • OTHER SPILLS - evacuate,  Emergency Coordinator, 911, health dept.

  • SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURIES - 911, Emergency Coordinator

All of the above have happened at one time or another at Hopkins.

Except for the phone outside of the Dive Lockers, all of the phones at Hopkins require a "9" be dialed before any outside line can be called. Next to or on every phone at Hopkins is a card detailing what to do in an emergency and what steps to take if you need to call 9-911. In addition, the home phone numbers for both Judy Thompson and Chris Patton are listed. If it is an emergency, do not hesitate to call, even at odd hours.

At Stanford: does not apply down here, but as people here do go up to campus regularly, good idea to be aware of it.

  * Stanford's emergency website:
  * Department of Public Safety website:
  * KZSU 90.1 FM
  * University emergency information hotlines: 650-725-5555 and 844-253-7878 (844-AlertSU)

Current Safety, Security, and Fire Report:

Stanford University Emergency Response Guidelines