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Shipping Dangerous Goods

What is a Dangerous Good?

 A dangerous good, or hazardous material, is anything that could cause harm to people, animals, or environment if released. This may be an immediate danger, as in a corrosive, or long term one, as in a carcinogen or environmental toxin.

Why can't I ship it myself?

Some materials, such as exposives, are VERY hard to ship safely, as would be expected. But all haz mat shipping requires extensive training to insure accidental releases are minimized. Remember, you are not the only one in the chain of transport. Many others, may of whom are not likely to be aware of the hazards of your material, are involved.

What kind of training can I do?

DRY ICE SHIPPING: There is no shipping of hiohazardous material from Hopkins, but the training for such, as it often involves the use of Dry Ice, is the same as for those of us wanting to ship something on Dry Ice. This training can be done on-line by anyone with a SUNETID through STARS. Training and doing are two different things. It takes some practice with a knowledgeable person to do this smoothly. All the same, many labs have someone so trained to make shipping of non-haz DNA and bio samples on Dry Ice as pain free and quick as possible. Either Barbara Compton or Chris Patton can get you started if you want to be able to ship on Dry Ice. Training must be renewed every two years.

ETHANOL or FORMALIN SAMPLES: There are two levels of training.

One is Excepted Quantities: This allows for small amounts of ethanol in small containers to be shipping if packaged and prepared properly. Chris is trained and does this on a regular basis. Quantities are limited. There are some creative ways of helping meet these requirements. Formalin samples are much harder to ship and must go ground. Chris rarely does this, so it will take longer. It is possible, again through STARS to get this training. Again practical experience with Chris to learn how to do this should be done. Training must be renewed every two years.

Full On Dangerous Goods: Takes a 40 hour $800 course that still has limitations.  See EH&S. This takes time to set up. Please allow at least a week. It is likely that special shipping containers and labeling supplies would need to be ordered as well This takes time. 

What else can I do?

By far the easiest way around this for ordered good from a company, is to have the material shipped to the place you intend to use it, by that company. Suppliers do this all the time and are very good at it. Having something dangerous come here only to be shipped elsewhere is a HUGE hassle. Usually cheaper just to reorder the material and have it shipped to the proper place anyway. REALLY! No way can this be done in the usual emergency rush mode. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

Can I do it myself by driving the hazardous materials to wherever I want to go? A VERY BIG NO! This is a big fine, prison time, event. DO NOT DO! If anyone were to get hurt, your career would be over.