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safety logoMatch the sharps container to the hazard.
Avoid mixed waste.
See Barb, x224 if any questions.


A Hopkins staff person lost the use of one of his fingers being stuck with a contaminated needle thrown into the trash.

NO SYRINGE NEEDLES left in public areas. (Let's watch for razor blades too)


  • Get a 2 cubic foot cardboard broken glass container from Chris, x216, room 25 Loeb.

  • When these are filled, tuck the flap over the hole and dispose of in the HMS dumpster.

  • NO NASTIES! No hazardous material should go into these containers.

RADIOACTIVE - No active licenses currently


  • Chris has 1 quart containers with BIOHAZARD labels already on the side.

  • These are given to Barbara in the Kitchen when full.

  • Be sure to tell her what is in it and where it came from.


  • Use the same containers as for Biohazardous, but cross out the biohazard markings and add a HMS WASTE STICKER.

  • Dispose of the same way as any other chemically hazardous material by arranging for pickup by Chris.


  • DON'T DO IT!