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safety logoShop use requires training BEFORE work begins, see John Lee, x56231.
Cleanup, even if someone else left the mess.
Ask before borrowing any tool.


General Shop Rules & Level One Shop Authorization


  • Shoes must be worn in the shop at all times. No sandals! Most machining operations produce metal shavings that are often very sharp and occasionally very hot.
  • Loose clothing can get caught in machinery, therefore you must remove or secure your jacket or sweater and also roll up the sleeves of your shirt.
  • Long hair is also hazardous around machinery. If you have long hair be sure to secure it out of harms way.
  • Eye protection must be worn in the shop at all times. Bring your own eyewear or use the eyewear available in the shop. [prescription glasses are not approved eyeware, you still must wear safety glasses over prescription glasses]
  • NO EARBUDS! Hearing is nececssary for safety and tool operation.


  • Hand tools of various kinds are available for use in the shop. If you are unfamiliar with the proper use of a specific hand tool please check with John Lee. Some of the tools may be checked out for short-term use in your lab. Consult with John Lee before you borrow a tool.
  • All items borrowed must be signed out!
  • Machine tools are not to be used until you have achieved Level Two Authorization, but under no circumstances shall any machine tools be used when you are alone in the shop. If your work in so important that you must do it after hours then, after clearing it with John, arrange for someone to accompany you to the shop.


  • Since the janitor does not clean up the shop it is your responsibility to clean up any mess that you make and this includes putting the tools back where they belong. There are now four vacuum cleaners conveniently located throughout the shop.  The broom and dustpan can be found near the door to the shop.  It is expected that the floor be swept before you leave.  In order to reverse the effects of a lax attitude toward shop clean up, it is expected that the shop be left cleaner than when you started your work.  If you cannot finish a project in one day arrange with John for some bench space to store it.  Tools must be put away before leaving the shop, even if you intend to resume work later.
  • The shop is primarily an electronic one and most times there will be several electronic projects in various stages of construction or repair. It is therefore very important that the work you do not generate dust and that any metal chips not find their way into electronic enclosures. If you must work with wood, fiberglass or other materials that could generate dust, then you should do the work outside. If the work cannot be done outside then you must take steps to prevent the dust from landing on any electronic projects.
  • Many of the lubricants used in the shop are considered toxic waste. Consult with John before disposing of anything oily.

Many Universities do not allow faculty and students to use machine shops for safety reasons, requiring them instead to submit the work to the machine shop staff for completion. Lets work together to avoid that situation here.

Work safely and clean up your mess!

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