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safety logoCall 9-911 if life threatening, then call Judy x56249.
Never put haz materials down the drain or in the trash.
All cleanup materials are haz waste


spill control pillow

IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE THE SPILL CALL JUDY x56249, cell: 831-915-7682

Spill control pillows are in most labs - Spill control pillows work great. Each one will absorb 1 liter of any kind of liquid. If more than 1 Liter, call Chris!
Do wear appropriate gloves.

If there is inadequate ventilation, EVACUATE, call Judy, or call 9-911 if immediate hazard to others

After wiping up the spill, double bag in "ZipLock" type bags and label with an HMS Waste Sticker [outside Room 26 Loeb] and put with the rest of your waste to be picked up.

DO CALL CHRIS x56216, especially if there is likely to be a further threat from residues, etc.

He has a special mercury spill control kit. x56216

When in doubt, call Chris, x56216, he is more than willing to help.

A very real source of potential spills is in FREEZER DEFROSTING




There should be NO radioactive materials at Hopkins.

Spill control pillows, gloves, soap & water, paper towels, heavy plastic bags and waste labels.

Paper towels, 10% FRESH dilution of household bleach for 20 minutes