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Things that Sting!

bumble bee honey bee yellow jacket
Bumble Bee Honey Bee Yellow Jacket

We have three likely insects that can sting at Hopkins. The bumble bee and the honey bee can each only sting once.

The yellow jacket is not a bee, but a wasp. They can sting multiple times. Yellow jackets can be very aggressive. Near their nest is particularly dangerous. The yellow jackets we have are ground nesters and the nest can reach the size of a basketball. That is a lots of mean wasps in one place. If you go near the nest, they will defend it and you will be stung repeatedly.


As you can see from the video below, their nest can be well hidden. Children are particularly vulnerable and we have had several incidences of children being stung repeatedly playing near a nest.


She will have a red/orange cone placed next to it until we can have the nest removed.

~You will be doing everyone a huge favor.~

+ First Aid +

If the person stung is allergic and does not have their epi-pen CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.
If they do have their pen, you can help them set it up, but they have to administer the injection (or the parent of the child)

Non allergic person - the best thing is to get some baking soda and make a paste of it. Remove the stinger is still present and place the paste over the sting. This will help neutralize the formic acid injected by the bee and reduce both the pain and swelling. This is time dependent, the sooner the better.