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Injury Prevention

Us the TRICK acroynm to remember these safety helpers.
Responsibilities depend on your position here.
Awareness, common sense, enough sleep - 90% of safety.


Training [what you are doing here]
Reporting (and investigating) hazards/ accidents
Identifying (general_inspection_checklist.pdf) workplace hazards
Correcting identified workplace hazards
Keeping records and documents

The elements of this program are required by State law, regulation (8 CCR 3203), and University Policy.



  • Tier I - new employee orientation - done by Judy

  • Tier II - Basic Safety Training - on this website

  • Teir III - In Lab or In Office training - done by the person delegated by your supervisor

ALSO - individual areas that require additional training

  • Shop safety is done by John Lee x56231

  • Diving and Boating is done by Freya Sommer x56245

  • Bugs, rDNA & Autoclaves see Barbara, x56224

  • Fish & Amphibians online through STARS (see Chris for help)


1) Discuss concerns you have for your health and safety with your supervisor.
2) Contact Judy, x249  or EH&S at (650) 723-0448 for assistance, if needed.
3) Your supervisor may ask you to fill out and sign appropriate forms.
- The Office of Risk Management can help (650 723-7400).
- Be complete and accurate in your description of the incident or problem. Stanford University Policy states:
- Stanford University encourages employees and students to report health and safety hazards to their supervisor, manager, or EH&S.
- Employees and students shall not be discharged or discriminated against in any manner for bona fide reporting of health and safety hazards to Stanford or to appropriate governmental agencies.


Ask your supervisor about the inspection (general_inspection_checklist.pdf) program for your specific work area. Inspection frequency is based on the degree of hazard in the work area. Labs are inspected at least quarterly. Report identified hazards to your supervisor. [Or Judy]

Other agencies may inspect at any time. Please cooperate with any inspector. They are here to help us. Stanford University, the Monterey County Health Department and the Pacfic Grove Fire Department come regularly, but we may also be visited by OSHA or the EPA without notice. [There are a host of other agencies that show up as well, like insurance adjusters, air and water pollution control, fume hoods, etc.]


Correct any hazard that you can correct yourself. If others are affected, or you need assistance, notify your supervisor. Many hazards can be corrected by your supervisor or office manager or by notifying Judy. Hazards which cannot be corrected by the supervisor or manager will be reported to the next higher level by Judy.

KEEPING RECORDS of the following activities are required:

Records of Training, include:
-classroom training sessions,
-safety meetings,
-one-on-one sessions, and
-written communications.
-web courses such as this one
Records of Inspections and Corrections
Records of Disciplinary Actions