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safety logoVideos can be a more pleasant way to absorb safety training.
In most cases, they are not a replacement for an actual course.
Videos are excellent for review before a critical experiment.


Hosted on this website: Fish and Frog video

Required for vertebrate users.

Update 2017 video by Karla Palmeri and Benjamin Rosental of the Weissman Lab

Video about distracted walking Making Magic in Traffic & a good one about 'suffering graduate students

  HHMI Safety Videos [8-12 minutes, streaming video, Hopkins only]

Assessing Risks of Toxic Chemicals 11:03
Centrifugation Hazards 8:52
Chemical Hazards 9:26
Chemical Storage Groups 11:16
Emergency Response 11:44
Glassware Washing Hazards 10:04
Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards 8:23
Radiological Hazards 12:27